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You would think that teenagers would be the rudest customers when really it’s mostly old, middle-aged people. 


i literally had these two teenagers apologizing to me for getting a video game for them and checking them out. meanwhile their parents are being the rudest people i’ve ever witnessed

I was working yesterday and i was checking the dressing rooms for messes in my department and I saw three girls in their young teens PICK UP THEIR CLOTHES THAT THEY TRIED ON (and there was quite a pile) AND PUT THEM BACK ON THE HANGERS EVEN THOUGH I TOLD THEM THEY DID NOT HAVE TO DO THAT EARLIER AND THEY EVEN HUNG THEM ON THE BAR WE USE TO PUT THINGS AWAY and the craziest part was THEY PUT THEM ON THE HANGERS CORRECTLY!!! CORRECTLY!! THAT NEVER HAPPENS and yeah it was wonderful. Meanwhile their guardian who was with them was giving them right the hard time for something and not even acknowledging the fact that they did that. All she saw was the big pile of clothes they tried and she was focused on that and gave me an apologetic look as if they did something wrong. Sigh. But yeah, faith in humanity’s future restored.